Three Juicy Wellbeing techniques for Autumn

Make this Autumn your time for replenishment.
I hope you had a wonderful summer and topped up your vitamin D levels and energy stores with more relaxation and an easier pace, if this is not the case and you feel more exhausted than refreshed I have some suggestions for you.
Autumn is a good time to asess our energy levels, health and overall wellbeing, which in turn can help us to enter the winter months with a good foundation.
Here’s three juicy suggestions of self care techniques combining natural ingredients to help you to feel balanced, calm and have energy throughout the Autum and winter.
Warm the your core
Using gentle massage on the abdomen combined with liver and digestion boosting essential oils such as Orange, Cardamom, Fennel or Ginger to create a core warming blend.
Just add a drop or two of an essential oil to a tablespoon of plain light oil such as Coconut or Sunflower oil.
Apply the blend to your abdomen and massage in a clockwise circle.
The diaphragm area can be where we hold our emotional stress so soothing pressure here can release.
This can really calm your nervous system, release stress and give our internal organs a wonderful yet gentle stimulus, this is especially good for sluggish digestion,bloating and gas, yet will also support your overall energy.
Wipe off any excess oil, cover your tummy and use a hot water bottle on your stomach for a little while to further the benefits.
Refill your centre
Tending to your mental wellbeing can be one of the single most powerful tools to good health, a short regular mindful few minutes of meditation can be a game changer to boost your mood and focus for the day.
Make it simple and accessible, set a timer to three minutes so no excuses can be made for not having the time!
Count your breaths up to ten, starting the count on the in breath and then switching to the outbreath after reaching ten.
Let thoughts come and go and when you feel distracted just keep coming back to start your count at one as often as needed.
It's not to perfect, the counting is just a tool to help focus.
Try using a natural room spray or Aromatherapy roller oil prior to your meditation, scent can be a powerful tool to help focus and help you relax more deeply, try Essential Blends Sweet dreams or Chakra roller and spray to centre and calm, Refresh or Abundance to uplift and energise.
Bathing Ritual 
At this time of year there is nothing more restorative than a hot bath, using bath salts will further help to warm the circulation and provide detoxification benefits, it will calm the nervous system and set you up for a good night’s sleep or a relaxing day ahead.
During a good soak in the tub I like to do a little face massage with some facial oil and let the steam help to open the pores allowing for deeper absorption of the product.
If you don’t have a bath try a foot bath instead just use a scoop of bath salts in a washing up bowl and sit with your feet in the warm water, this can be an excellent way to clear off the day.
Try my Restore Bath salts with skin soothing and mineral rich dead sea salts, Pink Himalayan salt and uplifting oils of Bergamot, Sweet Orange, Geranium and Frankincense.
So carve a little time for yourself now and then, pick just one of these three or have a home spa treat day and do all three, you're worth spending the time on and the benefits to your vitality will be great.