My secret recipe books, how I create my blends

Do you love getting a new note book?
Well I do, especially one dedicated to my new product recipes!
I have about 8 of these hardback note books,  spanning over 12 years or longer, all filled up with amazing Aromatherapy blends, product recipes, test batches, natural perfume blends, body butters, facial oils, skin healing ideas, testing and experience of new plant carrier oils, musings, inspirations, bespoke blends and more.
Its been my obsession, passion, and hobby that I'm grateful to call my work.
It started in childhood when scent seemed very significant to me and I was instantly drawn to essential oils.
From aged about 8 years old I would go to my mums hair and beauty wholesaler (My mum being a hairdresser) and one day I saw this shelf lined with essential oils from nearly every herb, flower, tree and fruit.
I purchased a few of these oils with my pocket money and when I got them back home I excitedly mixed the oils into a plain face cream.
It's was maybe my mums nivea or a not so heavily scented cream from what I can remember.
Mixing a few drops of Geranium essential oil into the cream it brought it to life, the vibrancy of scent and feel of the cream on the skin told me these oils contained a life force and had a very special effect, I knew then I preferred natural over the often heavy and cloying synthetic scent.
I started to experiment and try different oils blended togther and discovered they needed dilution into a plain oil, I once made the mistake of putting pure Peppermint oil onto a body brush and ended up spending the afternoon feeling like I'd sat In a vat of extra strong mints and walking naked in the artic!
That also taught me the potency of these amazing oils.
I continued my love of natural oils and with a desire to help others health after I recovered from a bad bout of glandular fever in my teenage years, my own healing journey led me to train as a holistic therapist and learn Aromatherapy during a year long course, that was in 1998 so i'm showing my age!
When I started my massage practise I saw first-hand the remarkable effects of Aromatherapy and combined with massage how someone could enter the therapy room a shadow, heavy, tired, anxious maybe with physical pain and walk out looking like a completely different person.
The deep relieving sigh as they took in the first wiff of their bespoke blend I had made them, using a combination of my knowledge of the oils that related to physical and emotional imbalances, the many hours of reading I'd done since a child as the wonderful world of essential oils was and still is my hobby and special interest.
I used to back then and still do use a certain amount of my intuition with the selection and blending process, I seem to have a knack of just knowing perfect ratios of oils and what creates the right scent synergy.
I have kept a note of every blend I've made in note form and most often my product ideas and recipes start out on paper.
I write either the name of the product, aim of the blend ie for balm for psoriasis and then the 'right' oils just come to my mind, also the amount of each oil within the blend, I can quickly access my prior experience of the oils and their individual potency and with some magical musing thrown in, much like a perfumer creates that special blend of aroma notes that synergise togther.
Sometimes a blend will just come to mind so I will write it down, test it out and tweak it if needed.
I love this process and its what I enjoy most about my work,  the creation process and the subsequent effect of a blend, be it a facial oil for softer, clearer, more vibrant skin, a zesty, floral body butter or a room spray to uplift the senses.
I look forward to fill my new book with some more exciting blends and product recipes yet also to bring to life some new products that lay upon the pages of my previous book, so watch this space!