Hot Cloth Cleansers and how they can be used for healthy, glowing skin.

One product I often recommend as a beauty must have  (if you're not already using one!) is to try using a hot cloth cleanser.
This is usually a balm oil or cream that you melt onto the skin and remove with a muslin, flannel or cleansing pads and warm water.
The beauty of this is it will mix with dirt, make up and dead skins cells removing them effortlessly and leaving skin squeaky clean yet hydrated and not stripped of the skin's natural oils.
The use of warm cloths and steaming methods as a beauty practise dates back for centuries, the soothing, comforting and deep cleaning effect of warm water and steam coupled with an aromatic balm and soft cloth provides a gentle yet very deep cleaning ritual.
I personally love the indulgent experience it provides me, the chance to soothe away the days tensions and build up of makeup, dirt, sun protection anf pollution.
I love the sensation of using a wonderful balm as it melts like a thick butter on my skin, the smell of essential oils as it melts and evaporates into the atmosphere with the steamy cloth.
What's more is that for a naturally lazy person come bedtime it takes no time at all, and where in my younger days I may have occasionally put myself to bed still wearing eye make up (a terrible habit!) this is never a senario now as the speed at which it helps me remove make up and the pleasure it brings are not to be missed!
The key benefits is in its ability to emulsify with the natural oils, dirt and debry on the skin's surface to then be removed in one motion and providing exfoliation to reveal fresher more vibrant skin.
Unlike soap based cleansers that can tend to strip out too much of the natural oils from the skin the balm will leave the skin feeling hydrated and supple.
It's a  suitable cleansing method for sensitive skin (although keep the water to a mild temperature).
Oily, blemished or congested skin will benefit as it will rebalance the sebum levels to stop over production that can cause spots.
The steam helps to draw out dirt and unblock pores and the essential oils will have an astringent rebalancing effect.
It is also excellent for dry or mature skin, it will feel like a quenching treat as opposed to a wash off cleanser.
To follow on this will prep your skin perfectly to receive a natural facial oil or cream.
Using a natural oil or balm cleaning method will help you to create a home spa and feel as if you can have an Aromatherapy facial every day.
How to use;
1.) Massage a small amount of balm into the skin well, you can even use this as a little massage routine at the same time
2.) Use water that is hot enough to be steamy yet not so that it is uncomfortably hot.
If the water is too cool it will not effectively remove the balm residue and grime, in in doubt repeat this step twice.
3.) You can also repeat step 1 and 2 for an even deeper cleanse and massage.
4.) You may like to use a spritz of Rose water afterwards to tone the skin.
5.) Apply a facial oil and massage in well for a supreme rosy glow! 
You can even use the balm to gently and effectively target eye make up alone with the use of some cotton pads or reusable face cloths with a slightly cooler water
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