Natural ways to help Acne and troubled skin.

Blemishes, Spots, Pimples, they can affect anyone at anytime of life not just teenagers. I know because In my early twenties I was suddenly hit with adult Acne.

Much to my dismay and distress it actually became an amazing catalyst for the work I  now do creating Natural Skincare products.

At the time I tried everything to help my skin. Every ointment and potion from the very medicated, to strange smelling lotions from the chemists.
Nothing worked, or at least not for very long before my skin would look very red and uncomfortable again, and I would feel incredibly self conscious about it.
I discovered the world of plant essential oils as a child while on a visit to a hair and beauty supplies shop with my mum, who was a hairdresser, yet my training many years later as an Aromatherapist helped me to turn my fascination into a knowledge that had me blending together essential oils, to heal my own skin.
What  I found special about these wonderful plant oils from anything else I’d used on my skin was the instant feeling of relief.
The properties of the plant oils instantly cooled and soothed my skin, creating rapid healin, quickly reducing redness and discomfort.
Previously inflamed skin healed over and left very little marks behind, preventing the scarring or pitting that acne can very often cause.
Friends and clients would ask what I had been doing to get such drastic improvements to my skin, they also wanted help for their own skin problems and requirements.
Hence I created the Essential Blends Skincare range to offer the wonderful benefits of pure plant ingredients for others.
There can be many causes to congested skin and acne and I’d love to share some of my insights and beauty tips to help with healing and prevention.
1.) Light Cleansing
Due to the natural oil (Sebum) that causes acne in the first place, the intial impulse is to use astringent and oil stripping products to dry up the affected areas, this is counter productive as not only will the skin output more sebum to compensate for the drying affect, it can also lower the PH level of the skin, making it more acidic and thus more prone to inflammation and outbreaks.
Gentle cleansing is best, and I’d recommend either a face wash without SLS (Sodium Laurel Sulphate)
Or alternatively a hot cloth cleansing balm, that can be especially helpful to respect the skin’s balance,  help to remove oils, dead skin cells and impurities from building up, whist the steam can open the pores to help to deliver any subsequent product.
2.) Facial oils do not make your skin oily.
Using a facial oil can be incredibly healing for blemished and congested skin.
With the right plant oils such as Jojoba, Apricot seed, Hazelnut, Safflower, Sunflower, Borage and Coconut oil, all provide a light base that is easily absorbed yet nutrient rich. Combine with soothing botanicals such as Calendula, naturally antiseptic, anti- inflammatory and skin healing essential oils like Lavender, Lemon, Chamomile, Geranium, Tea- tree, Yarrow, Bergamot and Frankincense to name but a few.
Essential Blends Rejuvenating Serum is one of the first products of the skincare range I created.
It is a light facial oil that it is incredibly helpful to balance oily, blemished or combination skin.
3.) Gentle exfoliation.
When the skin has calmed down, using a gentle fine pore exfoliation with non scratchy, small particles will help to keep the pores clear, remove dead skin cells,  encourage good circulation and skin healing.
Customers love to use Essential Blends Rose Supreme Exfoliating powder, containing pure organic rose petals and clays to gently refine and purify the skin.
4.) Healing masks
One of the most healing treatments that can be regularly used  for spots is using clay masks.
Natural and purifying they contain minerals and nutrients that respect the skin, helps to draw out toxins, reduce redness and promote healing.
Try Kaolin, green Clay or pink clay, mix with water and add a little aloe vera gel plus a couple of drops of essential oil such as Lavender, Chamomile, Peppermint and Camphor.
Please note that clay will not dilute the essential oils so that sensitive skin may need a further dilution.
Try putting the essential oils into full fat milk, or a face cream first before making into a paste with the clay.
 (Oil does not mix directly with clay) 
Do not allow the mask to fully dry out on the skin and wash off once it sets, usually after 5-10 minutes.
5.) On the spot treatment
It is very helpful to have a treatment for individual spots and outbreaks, this can be a gel made from Aloe vera gel blended with;  Lavender, Chamomile, Frankincense, Tea tree or Peppermint.
Alternatively a roller oil using a combination of essential oils, such as Essential Blends Refresh Roller, it contains Antiseptic Rosemary, Lemon, Geranium, Lavender and Peppermint.
Other Causes of Acne
The cause of skin problems can be many fold and here are few factors and considerations that may be the cause of acne outbreaks;
Diet and sugar- Patrick Holford in his book 'Solve your skin problems' says that he sees acne as skin diabetes and that individuals with acne may have difficulty breaking down or processing sugar in the body.
I found this to be particularly helpful advice for me to cut down on, and avoid sugar.
If the gut or digestion is sluggish, overall health will be greatly affected and this is an area to look into.
Perhaps explore potential food sensitivities such as gluten or dairy intolerance?
A good water intake will be helpful, as is looking after your liver health for balanced skin, cutting down on or avoiding alcohol will help also.
Mineral deficiences can be a cause of acne so do speak with your doctor or a naturopath to help you look into this.
Hormones can be a major cause of skin disruption at puberty, yet also beyond.
Imbalances can be a factor for our skin health.
Stress can play a major part in our skin health.
When we become stressed, Cortisol is released and then skin outputs more oil, this also increases inflammation in the body.
I would say from personal experience, we need to look at how we feel about ourselves and our self worth.
Self development authority and wise one Louise L Hay states in her book ‘You Can Heal Your Life’, that skin problems are a reflection of not accepting or a dislike of the self.
This is a journey in itself and I’d encourage some support by way of therapy, coaching ( maybe find a Louise L. Hay coach). Hypnotherapy, postivie affirmations and meditations to build up self worth.
Bach flower essences can be very supportive also.
Many find acupuncture, massage, homeopathy and herbal medicine great holistic treatments to help with skin problems.
There are so many factors for acne and skin outbreaks, I’d say first, learn to bring in acceptance and self love, combined with a gentle, natural, skin loving product routine,  will go a long way to soothing, repairing and preventing skin outbreaks.