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Clarifying Cleanser
Clarifying Cleanser

Clarifying Cleanser

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Designed to remove dirt and make-up gently and effectively without drying the skin.

So gentle it can even be used to remove eye make-up.

-Containing Lavender, Lemon, Geranium and Frankincense essential oils which are refreshing and uplifting for the mood.

Massage this lemony balm into the skin as it melts on contact them remove with a hot cloth such as muslin, flannel, or cotton pads that have been wrung out in warm water.

- Suitable for all skin types including sensitive.

Ingredients-* Sunflower oil, Calendula infused oil (Sunflower oil), Beeswax, *Lemon essential oil, *Lavender essential oil, *Geranium essential oil, Frankincense essential oil.

*-Certified Organic