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Aromatherapy Roller Oil Set
Aromatherapy Roller Oil Set
Aromatherapy Roller Oil Set
Aromatherapy Roller Oil Set

Aromatherapy Roller Oil Set

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A complete set of Aromatherapy Roller oils to suit your mood and emotions.

A blend of organic essential oils in a light Sunflower oil base, great for travel, to carry in purse or bag, pulse points as perfume or on the go revitalising uplift!
Will bring clarity, focus and energy.
Good for headaches and brain fog, will help with study and long journeys .

Refresh- To focus and refresh the mind, when tired or fuzzy head, good headache remedy and wake up blend for driving.

Contains: *Rosemary,* Peppermint, *Lavender, Frankincense, Lemongrass, Geranium, *Lemon.(*Certified organic)

Sweet Dreams - A soothing and reassuring blend of Organic essential oils to promote a peaceful atmosphere prior to sleeping or whenever some extra calm is needed.
Rub onto the pulse points, temples or sore tense muscles.
Can be great to set the focus for yoga or meditation, soothe the emotions while travelling, relieve anxiety and stress, also great to use to give a pampering and grounding foot massage prior to rest or sleep.

Contains; Sunflower oil * Lavender, *Sweet Orange, *Chamomile, Vetiver essential oils (*certified organic) 

Abundance- An uplifting and positively zinging combination of organic essential oils to revive your energy and personal space whilst helping you to align with more abundance and contentment.
Use to uplift and refresh your home or workspace or use to Improve your mood and energy when feeling low.
I have carefully selected oils that have a joyful and abundant energy to give an injection of positivity whenever it's needed.

Contains; Bergamot, *Sweet Orange, Lemongrass, Benzoin, *Lavender, Clary Sage. (*-Certified Organic) 

Chakra- A grounding, centering and refreshing blend with essential oils to clear and refresh your energy and space, uplift your mood and de-stress.
Great for if you are feeling tired and depleted, a build up of stress within yourself or environment, feel scattered, anxious and off centre, finding it hard to concentrate, feeling low or depressed, worried, anxious or irritable.

Contains: *Lavender, *Lemon, Cedarwood, Cardamom, Frankincense, *Geranium. (*Certified Organic)