How long do the products last?

They have a year shelf life yet will often last much longer, due to the natural organic ingredients they are best used within the first year for best effects yet by keeping them in a cool dark place they will keep fresh.
Please note if taking them to a hot climate they may lose their scent and or spoil so keep them as cool as possible.

I have very sensitive skin will these products be suitable?

They are very suitable for sensitive skin and many customers tell me how pleased they are to finally find a skincare range that their skin is happy and comfortable with even using an exfoliator!
Please do a patch test before using if you have very reactive skin.

How much facial oil do I use and when?

You can use either Rejuvenating serum and Deeply nourishing face oil day or at night.
Use about half a teaspoon and massage well into skin (massage increases collagen production and helps the oils absorb into the deeper layers of skin)
If using at night don't apply cream afterwards just allow the skin to absorb the oil while you sleep to heal and breathe