Essential Blends Skincare

Ultimate Refresh Skin Cleansing Set


A wonderful deep cleasning set for all your total facial needs, a wonderful introduction into the Essential Blends products 


15g Clarifying Cleanser

A beautiful all natural hot cloth cleansing balm, designed to remove dirt and make-up gently and effectively without drying the skin, so gentle it can even be used to remove eye make-up easily.

Contains Lavender, Lemon, Geranium and Frankincense essential oils which are rebalancing and revitalising for the skin and mood.

15g Rose Supreme Exfoliating powder  

A fine power containing organic ground rose petals, clay powders and rice bran when mixed with water becomes a gentle face scrub.

A firm favourite for people wanting to refine and purify their skin with a completely natural and gentle product.

Use as a micro-exfoliant to help clean pores and smooth the skin's surface, promote a fresher more vibrant complexion.

Small Cleansing Bar- Made by Little Sussex Soap

Lightly scented with Tea Tree and Peppermint essential oils, this gentle cleansing soap contains activated charcoal to deeply clean the skin, with honey and oats to help soothe and heal teenage or congested skin.  Note: This soap may stain flannels due to the charcoal content.

Organic Bamboo face cleansing Cloth 

An incredibly soft to the touch cleansing cloth perfect for use as a hot cloth cleanser to accompany the balm, Cleansing Bar and Rose Exfoliating Powder. Bamboo has natural antibacterial properties and is not only a more sustainable material yet feels luxuriously gentle on your skin.

25ml spray bottle Organic Rose water

A naturally soothing and antiseptic toner for the skin, use at the end of your deep cleanse to tighten the pores, soften the skin and breathe in the heavenly scent. 

A sachet of loose Rose's Amber Tea- Made by Time For Me Teas

Amber’s Rose Tea contains pure organic loose leaf herbs of Rose and lemon balm, these are wonderful for self love and acceptance as well as uplifting your mood and energy.

After your cleasning routine sit back with a cup of this delicious soothing tea.

Also contains a lovely little guide on how to brew your tea :)


this set will bring the spa experience into your own home! 




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